Expanding Horizons: Je Porte Mon Bébé (JPMBB) PhysioCarrier

Our goal here at The Sling Collection is to grow the concept of Babywearing in Hong Kong - This means bringing in new Brands into the markets that we serve. Our 'Expanding Horizons' series of posts will introduce new brands that we carry to showcase their products and why think they are perfect your YOU and your bundle of joy! First in our Lineup: Je Porte Mon Bébé (JPMBB)

Je Porte Mon Bébé (JPMBB) is a Paris based family owned company. They carry a wide range of products including Wraps, Ring Slings and Carriers. Why are we carrying their products? One-word: PhysioCarrier. While doing our research, we came across a multitude of carriers, when it came to breathability there was not a single one that comes close to the PhysioCarrier. This product is almost infinitely adjustable and best of all, its mesh lining was the thinest we have come across (think: fishnet thin). I mean LOOK AT THIS:

So we saw this and instantly thought "WE HAVE TO TRY THIS". Then we looked at their catalog, and thought, "And this....and this, this, this..." So here we are, slings, wraps and several carriers later. We will talk about the slings and wraps in a different post.

In short, the most reviews say:

A stylish and uber-comfortable baby carrier for both parent and child, this product will take you through from newborn to toddler, come rain or shine

  • Pros

Very comfortable to wear, stylish, suitable for all seasons, multiple seating options, respects baby’s physiology, great features like a vented transparent head support, rear mirror and side straps for adjustment and extension pack, booster for newborns and back carries and neck pillow.

  • Cons

Putting your baby on your baby requires practice, accessories need to be bought separately, instructions were in French!

So we tried it for ourselves - this is what we found. We generally agreed with the Pros listed above. We would like to add that the PhysioCarrier is slightly lighter and folds down more compactly than the Lillebaby.

The Cons however, we found that the booster was not necessary for some babies so not really an issue for us. The instructions came in the form of a Booklet, English instructions were in the back and very detailed, so actually that was actually a "Pro" for us. Comfort for the wearer, as I have really bad back issues, I found the Lillebaby to be slightly more comfortable for my back.

Comfort for Zac (our hyperactive 5 mth old Son) - no big difference between the PhysioCarrier and the Lillebaby, he was content to sleep in the carrier as long as we were moving.

As both of us run pretty warm, the JPMBB Physiocarrier actually may be my carrier of choice for the our (Hong Kong) summers.

Breathability: 5/5

Compact: 4.5/5

Wearer Comfort: 4/5

Baby Comfort: 4.5/5

Overall: 18/20

(Highly Recommended)

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