Our New Home is LIVE!

A new site is born! It's been awhile since our last facelift! Presenting our BRAND SPANKING NEW home - of course, with a new home means new brands and new products! Woo-hoo!

We are proud to bring you new brands like Je Porte Mon Bébé - JPMBB, Manduca and Sakura Bloom and a few others to add to both our Store and Lending Library. So stay tuned to our updates! We will be launching our new lineup soon!

Speaking of new homes, some of our regulars might have noticed that Charlie has been notably absent of late - Charlie and her family have relocated back to the UK and she has handed the reins over to us. Charlie has been instrumental in the success of The Sling Collection and we hope that we can make her proud by growing the business and helping parents with their babywearing adventure! So a bit about us, we started off a customers of The Sling Collection - struggling to find a suitable carrier for our newborn son, our search led us to Charlie and The Sling Collection. We rented a few carriers from the rental library and we found a carrier we all liked in the LÍLLÉbaby Airflow. We loved The Sling Collection so much that when Charlie put the company up for sale, we jumped at the opportunity! Anyway, enough about us... you are here for Slings, Wraps and Carriers. So onwards, let the adventure continue!

We wish Charlie, Elsie and the rest of the family all the best in their future endeavours!

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