This Calin Bleu in Summer Breeze is a 100% cotton gauze wrap and is light, breathable and compact, making it perfect for Asia’s hot and humid weather. It is an excellent entry-level wrap, for parents who want a wrap with more longevity than a stretchy wrap, but without the large price tag of some of the more expensive brands.


It is a great wrap for young babies as there is no need to ‘break in’ the fabric because it is so lightweight, meaning a snug wrap job without bulky passes, is easier to achieve compared to some of the thicker wraps.


At the same time it is also surprisingly comfy for carrying older babies / young toddlers too, and it is particularly attractive to parents who want to try back carries which are unsafe in a stretchy wrap.

Calin Bleu - Summer Breeze

HK$420.00 Regular Price
HK$336.00Sale Price
    • Material: 100% Cotton
    • Colour: Pale Blue
    • Carrier Weight: 0.4
    • Baby Minimum Weight: Birth
    • Baby Maximum Weight: 33lbs
    • Size: 6 / 4.6m