Do you have a physical store?


To keep our costs low and our prices reasonable, and in light of Hong Kong's crazy rents we do not have a physical store at this time. We plan to at some point, just not at this moment.

Do you sell Accessories or Carrier Replacement parts?


At this time, we only carry replacements for the Lumbar Support for our LÍLLÉbaby. 

I'm looking an item you do not carry, any chance you will stock it?


We'd love to hear your suggestions for new brands or items to carry. Let us know and we will see if we can get our hands on it. Contact us on our About Us page or reach out to us at hello@theslingcollection.com



I’ve bought the wrong colour / size / item. Can I exchange it?


Yes you can. Please email us within 14 days, to notify us that you will be returning an item. Ensure that the item is in as new condition, in all original packaging and tags still attached.


Please note: we will also charge the customers 10% of the order for administration of the exchange. Please return to: The Sling Collection,

Unit 242, 334 King's Rd, North Point, Hong Kong.



How long can I rent a carrier for?


Our minimum booking is 2 weeks (14 days)

Can I extend the rental period?

Yes, you can extend the rental period before the final day, and as long as the carrier has not been booked by another customer (you will be able to check this information in the date search of that particular carrier). You just need to email us on hello@theslingcollection.com and we will send an invoice to you for the extension fee.


If another customer has already booked those dates, you must return the carrier on the previously agreed date.

When will the rental carrier be posted to me?


The carrier will be posted to you on the first day of your rental period. You will receive confirmation as soon as it has been dispatched.

When do I need to return the rental carrier?


The date you need to return the carrier will be in your dispatch confirmation email. You will also receive a reminder email 4 days before the end of your rental period. The carrier needs to be back with us on or before the end date of your rental period.

Does the postage time come out of the rental period?


No. We add on a couple of days to each new rental period, to cover posting days. Please keep proof of postage, so that if the carrier is not returned to us in time, we know that you did in fact return it on time and you are not to blame. Otherwise you may be charged a late returns fee.

The carrier I rented arrived damaged / dirty etc. What do I do?


Please notify us immediately on receipt of an unsuitable rented carrier. Once you have notified us, you have 3 days to return the carrier to us for a full refund or replacement. If you do not then return the carrier in 3 days, we will assume that you have decided to keep the carrier for the duration of your rental period and so will not be eligible for a refund or replacement.

Do I need to wash my rental before returning it?


No, leave that to us. Please just make sure there is no physical damage or missing accessories when returning your rental.

How do I return the carrier, at the end of my rental period?


Please return the rented carrier in the addressed plastic envelope and take it to the Post Office. Please note that return postage is not included in your rental cost, so you will need to pay for this. Also, ensure you keep proof of postage.

What happens if I return the rental carrier late?


If you have forgotten to post the rental carrier back to us, just email hello@theslingcollection.com to let us know. If the carrier has not been returned a few days after the due date and we have not been notified, you will be charged a late fee of $20 per day that the carrier is late, until it is returned to us.

Why does my Rental Confirmation make reference to Check-In/Out Times?


Our current rental systems uses an off-the-shelf solution that was designed for booking hotel rooms. You can disregard any reference to Accommodation and Check-In/Out times.



Shipping​ and Returns

Do you provide International delivery?


Generally, Yes we do. Unless otherwise prohibited by Local import/export regulations, Manufacturers and or Distributor restrictions.

How do I track my order?


We will notify you when the product ships. Depending on the shipping method a Tracking Number may or may not be provided.

How do I return an item?


If you would like to exchange an item, please email orders@theslingcollection.com with your proof of purchase for pre-authorisation. Exchange without pre-authorisation will not be accepted. Exchange is only accepted if the item is unused, within the original packaging/tags attached, and odour free.


What is your returns policy?

Exchange will only been considered when pre-authorisation is sought within 14 days of the purchase date. The customer is responsible for the shipping fees associated with sending an item back and we encourage customers to ensure their returning package with postal insurance. We will also charge the customers 10% of the order for administration of the exchange.



How do I pay the returnable deposit?


A fixed deposit of HK$700 is added onto all rental orders and will be refunded when the rental item is returned. This process is automatic.

When will my deposit be returned?


You will receive your deposit back within 2 days of return of your rental carrier, as long as the carrier has been returned on time, is in good condition and with any accessories included. We will credit back the HK$700 to the card you charged the original order to.

Under what circumstances might you keep some or all of my deposit?

We want to work with you to resolve all problems quickly, however there may be some occasions when we would have to take some or all of your deposit, such as:


  1. Late return of the carrier. You will be charged a late fee of $TBC per day that the carrier is late, until it is returned to us.

  2. Return of a carrier that has been damaged. If the carrier is unusable, you will be liable for the full replacement value of it. Please note, this may be higher than the originally paid deposit.

  3. Non-return of any accessories belonging to the rental carrier.