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We are a family-owned and operated online lending library and retail store and our aim is to open up the world of babywearing to parents in Hong Kong.


Hong Kong’s busy streets and small shops are notoriously tricky to navigate with a stroller, yet babywearing is still a relatively new concept. The Sling Collection aims to help parents in Hong Kong find suitable, affordable and ergonomic baby-carriers to meet their daily needs, by offering a growing range of wonderful wraps, slings and carriers from worldwide trusted brands.

As a young working family, we struggled to find appropriate and reasonably priced carriers for sale in Hong Kong for our new-born son. The choice was very limited and most of the brands available in shops were not suitable for the hot and humid weather. For these same reasons, many parents have therefore been put off the idea of babywearing despite the numerous proven benefits to the baby’s development.


We aim to turn this around and are keen to engage other parents and to lead the baby-wearing revolution in Hong Kong.  We are keen to encourage parents to ditch the stroller in favour of a wrap, sling or SSC. 


Many HK parents think babywearing is complicated, but it is in fact is very straightforward – if a dad can tie a tie, he can carry his baby in a wrap or sling! So what are you waiting for? Begin your babywearing journey with The Sling Collection!

Why Us?


Why should I rent a carrier from The Sling Collection?

The range of baby-carriers available in Hong Kong stores to try before buying is very limited. The Sling Collection offers parents the opportunity to try out a wrap, sling or carrier for a short period of time, before investing in any particular style. We offer a growing range of brands, from all over the globe. They have all been hand-selected for their suitability to Hong Kong’s hot and humid climate. Our website is able to give you up-to-the-minute information on availability, so you are able to check the availability of a particular carrier before booking it.

Why should I rent a carrier, instead of buying one?


There are so many variations of baby carriers out there, including brand, fabric, type and size. As well as this, your baby grows and your needs change regularly, so the carrier you buy when your winter baby is born, may not be suitable when he / she is 6 months old. If you rent a carrier from The Sling Collection for a short period of time, you can try out a number of different carriers before investing. Or, indeed, instead of committing to one particular carrier, you can rent a range of different carriers throughout your babywearing journey, to ensure you have the correct carrier for each stage. You also have the option to rent a specific carrier for a special occasion or holiday.


Can I come and try out the different rental carriers?

No, I’m afraid we are an entirely online library and store. We aim to keep our prices as low as possible and we keep our overheads low by not having a physical store. However, we often attend pop-up markets and events, so this would be a perfect opportunity to come and have a chat and try out our rental carriers. Do keep an eye on our Facebook page and our website for news of where you can find us next.

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